Paul Wesley in TVD season 5 Gag Reel.


it seems like cats never forgot the fact that they were worshipped as gods thousands of years ago 

"Wow!I’m excited for TVD season 6."
— Said no one except Delena shippers (via klarolinestan)

My reaction to S6 promo of TVD:


The Vampire Diaries season 6 promo. x


Defan Appreciation Event: Day 4: Brotherly Bonding
↳ 5x14

"you can’t help me. i feed on vampires now, you’re both vampires. do yourselves a favor and leave."

"well that’s not gonna happen."

i love this scene because so much is being said with so little words. damon has always thought he was a monster, the bad brother. and now he actually became an actual monster. he’s the worst form of vampire imaginable (a ripper who is programmed to kill other vamps) and he’s trying to use that (use who he believes he i s) to scare his brother off. and yet here’s stefan, outright telling him that he’s not phased.

stefan the crowned, the good brother, the one who is the moral beacon in this show, is telling damon that he’s not a monster. he’s grown so much too and learned to not be so strict in his judgements of his older brother. he’s dismissing the underlying assumptions damon has had of himself for 150 yrs in one sentence. they’ve grown so close from s01 when you actually think about this scene. it really is a moment of bonding. i love the way stefan delivers that line too, it’s gentle/loving yet absolute and certain. and damon’s face—gah, he looks so touched and surprised.

and not to mention, the entire scene damon is up in arms because stefan is even there in the first place. he wants to protect his baby brother and he doesnt want him coming in the room in fear of what he might do to him. he simply tells ‘elena’ that she shouldn’t be here but it’s only when he sees stefan coming up to the door that he jumps into action.

i’m really disappointed the writers didn’t make this arc more of a defan-centric one. stefan knows what it’s like to be a ripper more than anybody, so this could’ve been a perfect time for delving into an understanding between them. damon finally realizing how hard being a vampire has been for stefan and thus regretting all the times he ditched helping him. and stefan seeing that shift in damon’s understanding could’ve made him feel closer to him— a little bit more trusting. it could’ve been the start of them really becoming a team again. finally stepping over the past and moving forward together. just greater growth for the both of them. but alas, these writers are just terrible so i’ll settle for what i got here.


TVD Cast BTS of S6 Promotional Shoot


Get to know Paul Wesley (insp.)


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