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Anonymous asked: "who do you prefer Damon and Elena or Stefan and Elena? love your blog btw x"

I love both. but in Season 3 & 4. I loved Delena more but right now Delena is too whiny. and I like Stelena as friends now

So what happened?

I feel so bad that TVD got low ratings but the worse thing of this I’m not surprised. this season is just so bad, there are too many storylines in one season and too much drama. no storylines for support character and almost no defan scenes. The only good thing right now is Enzo.

and I’m so fucking tired of the Love triangle. I really can’t see it anymore. and It’s so annoying that Elena said “I love you” to both brothers in the same episode.

just give me Defan. and I want Elena to be single and not the girl everyone’s willing to die for. FOR ONCE!

NOT because I don’t like her but “saving Elena” “omg Elena” “Elena, I can’t live without you” is BORING


Enzo - just one more reason to like the guy!

stelenabenzo asked: "Hi x i love your tumblr, can you follow me back please? x"

Thank you, yes of course

"Kevin and I both gasped and said 'He's our guy. He is our guy. Oh my god, he is our guy.' He was phenomenal. Frankly, I can only apologize to the world for it taking us that long to even realize how spectacular of an actor he is.” - Julie Plec on casting Paul Wesley 


Congratulations to Paul Wesley on his directorial debut for The Vampire Diaries’ “Residential Evil